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Sample Portfolio Videos

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Exmoor Eventing

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Richard and Daisy Trayford founded Exmoor Eventing in 2002 from their original base in Somerset’s Exmoor National Park, UK. They have tirelessly built an enviable reputation and have become known as very honest, straight forward people to deal with. Share this!

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302 Broadway – Florida Telephone Corporation building remodel

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Drake Construction Services finished the renovation on the iconic Florida Telephone Corporation building in central Florida. This project was filmed over 3 days and finished for the customer 10 days after filming. For a real estate video similar to this, please email or fill out the form on the side of …

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How I produce and get viewers for your video!


Over the years, the experiences I’ve gained producing television shows, live sportscasts, and various commercials, website and product videos has taught me there are many ways to enable a video to deliver on the directors intention. Planning the right shots and capturing them in the right lighting is the majority of the …

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Social Media Action Videos

Joel Wiessner

Social Media is easily the best way to share a fun experience you’ve had. With my Social Media Profile Video’s I focus on highlighting the topic of your choosing. The video is provided to you or uploaded directly to your social media account. This can include interviews with you and several …

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Documentary films

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Every video project needs a vision. What is the intention? Where will it be seen? How will you get people to see it? Share this!

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Aerial Cinematography


Drones… Helicopters… Planes… Aerial video adds that next level to any production, whether a creative project, sporting event, or news coverage. Aerial video is great for real estate also. Share this!

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